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  The giveaway menu currently offers only a few options.

  • you can enter the price of the giveaway in the What? Field
  • Points are deducted your viewer immediately if he signs up for the giveaway
  • You can also adjust 0 points for a giveaway for all viewers
  • The word must be entered by the viewers in the chat to participate
  • The end can be choosen by calendar. If the bot crashes, or u do a giveaway over several days, their should be no problems. 
  • By clicking on Start the Giveaway will be posted in chat
  • Registered Viewer appear down in the list
  • If the giveaway time has elapsed or the time has been reached, a message is displayed in chat
  • You are doing the roll manually with the roll winner button, so the giveaway does not interfere with your game flow